There are three significant competitions each year in New Zealand (run according to FINA Rules), of which Alpine Synchro is eligible to attend two :

  • South Island Artistic Swimming Championships
  • NZ National Artistic Swimming Championships

Athletes who achieve well in these competitions can represent their Club overseas, or can represent New Zealand at Oceanias, Junior World Championships or the Olympic Games. At this point in time, Artistic Swimming will not be featured at the next Commonwealth Games but may return to the program in the future.

School Competitions

School competitions are run as part of the North and South Island Championships and the NZ National Championships.

These include routines as solos, duets and teams, where athletes can represent their intermediate or secondary school. Figures are not part of schools.

June 5 – 6, 2021

Jellie Park Pool, Christchurch
hosted by Canterbury Synchro

July 2 – 4, 2021

BayWave Aquatic & Leisure Centre, Tauranga
hosted by North Harbour Synchro

tbc – changing to a virtual competition

Splash Palace, Invercargill
hosted by Phoenix Synchro

Components of a Competition

Athletes are required to compete in two categories at each competition: 


An artistic swimming figure is the basic building block of artistic swimming, and is a combination of body positions and transitions performed in a certain order and in a controlled manner, as prescribed by FINA. These are taught as athletes progress through the star levels. Athletes complete four different figures in this part of the competition, wearing black togs, white caps and goggles. Figures scores are then carried over to be combined with routine scores to give a final result for each routine. They make up 50% of the final result.


These are performed either as a solo, duet/trio or team. Routines are performed to music and are judged on “technical merit”, ie execution, difficulty and synchronisation, and “artistic impression”, ie choreography, musical interpretation and presentation. Athletes wear specially designed beautiful togs and headpieces for these routines.