Terms and Conditions of Membership

These terms and conditions of membership are deemed to be accepted upon completing our Membership Registration Form. Where a parent or caregiver is completing the form on behalf of minors, these terms and conditions are deemed to have been accepted by them on behalf of the minor, particularly in relation to our code of conduct and any references to “you” are applicable to the minor. Please ensure your child understands what is expected of them, especially concerning code of conduct and health & safety.

If you have any questions, please contact us prior to registration.

Amendments to Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to review and amend these terms and conditions and our legal information from time to time.  Amendments will be effective immediately and ASASC has no obligation to notify you of such amendments.  We recommend that you check this page for amendments each time you revisit this website.

Consent under the Privacy Act 1993

You understand that by completing the Alpine Synchro Artistic Swimming Registration form, you have agreed to these terms and conditions and have provided your consent as outlined below:

  1. Alpine Synchro Artistic Swimming Club (“ASASC” or “the Club”) may collect and use the personal information given at registration for:
    • The general administration of the club, including statistics and athlete welfare;
    • Use in newsletters and other Club related communications;
    • The promotion of the sport of artistic swimming, including the marketing to members by our sponsors.
    • For the furtherance of the purposes stated above, the personal information may be provided (in whole or in part) to Artistic Swimming New Zealand, Sport NZ, FINA, NZ Olympic & Commonwealth Games Association, or any other similar organisation.
  2. Personal information which includes name, date of birth and current and past organisation registrations will be shared between clubs for the purposes of registrations and transfers. For avoidance of doubt, this does not include information about how you may be contacted. This information can only be accessed by you, the organisations you belong to, and ASASC.
  3. You acknowledge that your personal information is required in order for you to register in the ASASC Registration System and subsequently to process the registration of your membership.
  4. You acknowledge your rights of access and to seek correction of your information by contacting the Club.
Code of Conduct

You agree to abide by ASASC’s Code of Conduct Policy and acknowledge that any breach of the codes, or any part of them, may result in disciplinary action under ASASC’s policies. 

Correspondence & Electronic Communications
In registering with ASASC and ASNZ, you hereby consent to the receipt of electronic messages in accordance with the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007, in relation to artistic swimming matters, athletes, the administration of the sport, artistic swimming related events in relation to the purposes set out above, that may interest you.  You agree to abide by ASASC’s Internet and Electronic Communications Policy, and acknowledge that any breach of this policy, or any part of it, may result in disciplinary action under that policy.
Health and Safety

You agree to comply with your duties in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (Act) including:

  • Taking reasonable care of your own health and safety;
  • Taking reasonable care that your acts or omissions do not adversely affect the health and safety of other persons; and
  • Complying, as far as you are reasonably able, with any reasonable instruction that is given by the person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) to allow the PCBU to comply with the Act or regulations.
  • You understand that it is your responsibility to make known any relevant medical and/or dietary information to the affiliated member entities that holds your registration.
Photography and Video Use Approval

Photographs or videos may be taken during practice sessions, at competitions or club-related outings to be used in ASASC’s publicity material, newsletters, social media, website and in newspapers. ASASC will always endeavour to take photos or videos that do not compromise the athlete’s personal dignity in any way.

If permission is given on the registration form, you acknowledge that you are giving permission for your name and/or image to appear on ASASC’s website and on other social media or networking websites utilised by ASASC including, without limitation, Facebook and Instagram (for avoidance of doubt, other personal information will not appear unless specifically provided for such purpose) for media and promotional purposes connected with the Club.

Your name and/or image may not however be used as a “hero” (ie standalone) image for any advertising or promotional material without your written consent and, where required by law, the written consent of a parent or guardian. In reasonable circumstances you may also request that your name and/or image be removed for privacy reasons.

Registration with Artistic Swimming New Zealand

ASASC is affiliated with the national artistic swimming body, Artistic Swimming New Zealand. You understand that registration with ASNZ is compulsory for all athletes and fees will be charged which are then passed onto ASNZ. These fees are non-refundable.

Non attendance

If you cannot make it to a training session, you are required to email the Head Coach at least 1 hour before class. All non-attendances without a medical certificate will not be refunded. Artistic Swimming is a team sport and relies on athletes committing to attending all training sessions. If the athlete’s continual non-attendance affects the team, they may be asked to step down from the team.


For new swimmers, the first lesson is free. If the swimmer returns for additional lessons, the balance of the term fee is payable within 7 days of issue of our invoice. 

Term Fees are due within 7 days of issue of our invoice. These fees vary each term depending on number of training sessions in that term. Entry to the training facility (Alpine Aqualand for example) is not included in our training fees. If there are any queries regarding fees or payment, please contact us well in advance.

Additional costs such as competition entry fees, travel and accommodation to events and additional training will be charged to each member’s account and is due within the timeframe stated on the invoice. Wherever possible, we will engage in fundraising to offset these costs.

Refund Policy

Before Start of the Term If you wish to cancel your registration before the start of the training term, you will be offered a refund less $10 administration fee and must contact us to cancel your registration within 5 days of the start of the training term.

After Start of the Term: There will be no refunds issued for any training session missed or planning to be missed, unless you produce a medical certificate which prevents you from training or the class is cancelled for all students. Please note that non-refund rules apply whether the class invoice has been issued or not. For example, if you give advance warning that you won’t be attending a class for any reason other than medical, then that class is non-refundable. All other exceptional reasons will be reviewed on an individual basis.

Covid-19 Lockdown cancellations : Where the class is cancelled due to Alert Levels making it impossible to hold a class online or in person, a full refund will be given. If an online replacement class is offered, a partial refund will be given for the reduced class. All attempts will be made to hold the classes during normal training times to ensure all athletes are able to attend.

Personal Use Items : For hygiene reasons, personal use items such as swim caps, noseclips and other clothing items will not be refunded after use, unless there is a fault and the item is in its original packaging.

ASNZ Fees : these are non-refundable.

Private Lessons

Our coaches are contracted to ASASC and as part of their contracts they are not able to give private lessons to individual athletes outside of these contracts. You may request additional lessons outside of normal training sessions by contacting ASASC in the first instance who will arrange this for you. From time to time, due to constraints in training time, pool time or for other special reasons, coaches may choose to coach individuals or duets in single or small groups. This will be for a particular reason and must be cleared with the Committee.

Personal Fundraising & Sponsorship

You understand that if you wish to organise personal fundraising or personal sponsorship for your athlete to cover term fees or competition fees, you must make it very clear that the personal fundraiser/sponsorship is for the athlete and not the Club. You or the athlete must not wear the Club uniform at personal fundraising activities and cannot use any personal sponsors’ logos on Club uniforms/items without permission from the Committee. Please advise the Committee so we are aware of what is happening in the community relating to artistic swimming.

Doping Policy

You agree to abide by ASASC’s decision to adopt ASNZ’s Anti-Doping Policy, and acknowledge that any breach of this policy, or any part of it, may result in disciplinary action by the Club and ASNZ