Internet & Communications Policy

The purpose of this policy is for our Club to provide guidelines to members and associated parties with regards to internet and communications.

Amendments to our Internet & Communications Policy

We reserve the right to review and amend this Policy from time to time.  Amendments will be effective immediately and ASASC has no obligation to notify you of such amendments.  We recommend that you check this page for amendments each time you revisit this website.

The purpose of this policy is for Alpine Synchro Artistic Swimming Club (“ASASC” or “the Club”) to fully uphold its commitment that all members and associated parties respect the rights, dignity and worth of others, and to refrain from all forms of abuse, harassment or discrimination.

This policy governs the use of electronic communication, social media, and the use of other electronic devices and is in line with the ASNZ code of conduct for New Zealand competitors relating to media issues.

ASASC recognises that internet and social media use is a normal and everyday part of life, and a powerful and important communication tool between the artistic swimming community, locally and internationally. However, it is not an appropriate tool for issuing formal complaints. Complaints should be dealt with via the Club’s dispute procedures.

Swimmers, parents/caregivers and coaches are entitled to have a personal opinion and express that on social media in private groups, but posts that cause harm to any party inside or outside the artistic swimming community will not be tolerated. In the event of this arising Alpine Synchro’s dispute resolution process will be followed.

An athlete is entitled to make public comment or communication with the media in relation to their own personal performance in training or competition during the term of this agreement, as long as it complies with the principles mentioned in the Code of Conduct Policy  but may not make or endorse any public statement having, or designed to have a negative effect on the Club, any member or associate of the Club, or the wider artistic swimming community.

Athletes, coaches and officials must comply with the communications / media policy of ASNZ while at competitions or during ASNZ Squad training periods.