What is artistic swimming?

Also known as synchronised swimming and originally known as water ballet, artistic swimming combines the skills of swimming, gymnastics and dance, where the athletes perform elaborate moves in the water to music, all without ever touching the bottom of the pool.

Swimmers learn advanced water skills including excellent breath control, building their strength and flexibility as well as grace and artistry, as well as the ability to keep time to music above and below the water.

Artistic Swimming is both an individual and a team sport.

Athletes compete individually in the figures part of the competition where each swimmer performs a pre-determined set of skills and is judged accordingly. 

They show their teamwork and synchronisation skills in their routines, with the routine being choreographed to music, often with a theme. These routines can also be solo routines, where the individual’s synchronisation is to the music rather than keeping in time with his/her teammates.

In 1984, artistic swimming became part of the Summer Olympics and is now one of the most popular spectator sports of the Olympics.

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About us

Operating since 2016 and officially established in 2020, our club is managed by a voluntary Committee of parents and caregivers, with the aim of providing a safe, fun, positive and inclusive environment for children and adults to learn and develop a lifelong love of the amazing sport of artistic swimming. 

Based in beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand,  we currently offer lessons at Alpine Aqualand in the Queenstown Events Centre in Frankton, Queenstown, with the occasional class at the Arrowtown Memorial Pool during Alpine Aqualand pool closures. 

Our Committee is currently seeking volunteers to fill a number of key roles as well as ad-hoc and recurring roles which don’t require you to be on the Committee. If you can help out in any way, please contact us.

Our committee




Jo Messingham


Anke Kay

Committee Members

Chrisler Strika

Cassie Dayman


Antonieta Ricapito Lazcano

Yukiko Nakazawa

Team Manager & Marketing

Natasha Cusiel

Fundraising & Sponsorship

Ange Leigh


We are proudly affiliated to Artistic Swimming New Zealand (ASNZ) who are the national artistic swimming organisation for New Zealand. ASNZ’s role is to foster and grow NZ artistic swimming clubs, provide a development plan for high performing athletes, grow and develop coaches and judges and ensure competitions are run professionally.


ASNZ Affiliation Fees are charged in Term 1 each year or when a new student joins our club. 

This year’s fees are :

$6 Mermaids & Recreational
$32 Regional Competitor
$63 National Competitor

We also encourage the family and friends of our members to support our sport by becoming a supporter of ASNZ.


The sport of artistic swimming is governed internationally by the Federation Internationale de Natation Amateur FINA and is recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC for administering international competition in five aquatic sports including artistic swimming. ASNZ is a member of Aquatics New Zealand who is the recognised governing body for five aquatic sports in NZ including artistic swimming.